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Buy Ketamine Crystals UK

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ketamine crystals are ketamine chloride, effectivly a salt. (not reccomended to sniff) powder form ketamine (which has been disolved in water and then cooked back out) is ketamine hydrochloride.




Buy Ketamine Crystals UK

Firstly Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic used in human anesthesia and veterinary medicine.

Dissociative drugs (Ketamine HCL Crystal Powder) are hallucinogens.

Secondly that cause a person to feel detached from reality.

Much of the ketamine sold on the street has been diverted from veterinarians’ offices.

Thirdly structure and mechanism of action are similar to those of PCP.Buy Ketamine Crystals UK

A short acting dissociative anaesthetic and hallucinogen commonly experienced.

Fourthly used in emergency medicine.

It is the prototypical dissociative, and In addition is widely used at sub-anesthetic doses recreationally.

Small doses are to psychedelic experiences: the “K-Hole.” Dissociative are mostly NMDA receptor antagonists these substances.

these substances create a distance between the user and reality.

Synonyms The most common synonyms are:

  • Cat tranquillizer, Horse tranquillizer, K, Ket, Kitty, Special K, Vitamin K.
Classification Central nervous system disruptor, dissociative anesthetic:

  • Disrupts mental processes, causes varying degrees of disturbances in brain function, perception, mood and cognitive processes.
Visual description
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Crystals
  • White powder
  • Liquid
Mechanism of action
  • Non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist that blocks glutamate. Also thought to have an effect on dopamine, which would explain its effect on mood.
Routes of administration
  • Most often snorted. Can be added to a cigarette and smoked or mixed with liquids and ingested. Other routes of administration are possible but rare.

Desired effects sought by the user

  • Euphoria (heightened sense of well-being)
  • Floating sensation (dissociative effect)
  • Hallucinations
  • Insensivity to pain
  • Spiritual journeys

Dose Insufflated

light                 20-50mg
Common 50-125mg
Strong             125-175mg

Duration         1-2 hours

Onset              7.5-20 minutes
After Effect     1-2 hours

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Buy Ketamine Crystals UK

(8 Reviews)
ketamine crystals are ketamine chloride, effectivly a salt. (not reccomended to sniff) powder form ketamine (which has been disolved in water and then cooked back out) is ketamine hydrochloride.

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