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Buy Magic Mushroom Gummies UK

5 Reviews

Our Magic Mushroom  Gummies are out of this world!

Each package of magic mushroom candies contains 14 gummies (total 3.5 grams per package)

  • Flavors: Cola Candy & BLUE RAZ



Shroom Gummies

Buy Magic Mushroom Gummies UK

Our Magic Mushroom Cola Gummies are out of this world!

Each package of magic mushroom candies contains 14 gummies (total 3.5 grams per package)

every individual Shroom Gummy has 250mg of psilocybin equivalent to 1 microdose 🙂

The high is very smooth, with little to no stomach cramping with the perfect kick!

These are the perfect way to have a good time and get the perfect trip!

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Benefits of GUMMY SHROOMS over traditional dried magic mushrooms:

  • Much easier to digest than dried mushrooms
  • No more gut rot, cramps or nausea
  • Taste much better than dried shrooms
  • Fast-acting, effects within 30 to 45 minutes
  • Much more pleasant come up and come down
  • No anxiety or sick feelings on the come up
  • Gentle come down, ease back to normal
  • Much easier to control the length of your high
  • More consistent psilocybin dosage compared to dried shrooms
  • More ‘Outgoing/Social’ effects
  • More Controllable High & Consistent Dosage

    GUMMY SHROOMS provide a much more controllable high, as the effects last roughly half as long as traditional magic mushrooms. GUMMY SHROOMS are much easier to dose consistently.Buy Magic Mushroom Gummies UK

    They are also a bit faster-acting than traditional mushrooms. Effects are usually felt within the first 30 minutes, with full effects kicking in at about 45 minutes to 1 hour after consumption and continuing for about a 2 to 4 hour ‘high’. Each gummy contains the same psilocybin content as 1 gram of a dried Psilocybe cubensis mushroom.

    Easy Up and Easy Down!

    The lingering after-effects of traditional magic mushrooms can be quite a downer. After the high goes away, you are left with a weird lingering feeling for hours and hours, making it hard to go to sleep or continue on with a normal day. GUMMY SHROOMS do not have this effect at all. It is easy to take multiple GUMMY SHROOMS at 6 o’clock and be completely sober again by 11pm-12am.Buy Magic Mushroom Gummies UK

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Latest reviews

  1. Andy B

    Ordered some Gummies, came in time. Fast friendly customer service. Would recommend this site!


    Excellent service, consultation very quick and items received in no time. Great service as for someone who works away for long periods of time I struggle to get to my local pharmacy for my repeat prescription. I use Legit Aussie Market and ordering and recieveing is always bang on everytime 10/10

  3. Cindy Owens

    Great service…
    Things got bad for a while and it was taking 1 to 2 months to get my orders from other online stores. I decided to try LAM again and was definitely surprised. I have been receiving my orders within 4 days. I got one defective item and all it took was an email for them to send me a label to replace the item. Hopefully I will get the replacement as quickly as the other deliveries. I will keep you posted. Thanks LAM.

  4. Gr

    Ordering was easy, delivery was fast.
    I ordered Gummies and it was as advertised, very pleased with it.
    Will be ordering from this company again.

  5. Donald

    I had an awkward start with a product I purchased, but it all got sorted out with much understanding & pleasantness! Great product! My ignorance is actually what threw me off.
    Definitely recommend!

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Buy Magic Mushroom Gummies UK

(5 Reviews)
Our Magic Mushroom  Gummies are out of this world! Each package of magic mushroom candies contains 14 gummies (total 3.5 grams per package)
  • Flavors: Cola Candy & BLUE RAZ

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